Our Approach 

When we take on a new project, we partner with trusted community leaders on the ground. We view our organization simply as a tool for the community to accomplish their dreams. From our experience, this approach is instrumental in creating successful infrastructure that will continue to exist for future generations. The communities typically know best. It is the
communities who are our equal partners and have a complete say in the projects we pursue. 


Initiatives are Driven by the Community

Our organization takes on a grassroots approach. We determine what the community at hand truly needs, what they actually care about, and how we can simply support community members in accomplishing their goals. These three factors are necessary in order to create an initiative that not only has each group's best interest at heart, but is also sustainable long-term. 


Actions Align with Our Values

Through donations, scholarships and community partnerships, we provide girls with the tools to have successful educational journeys. Yet everything we do is based on our organization's core values: equality, kindness, community, partnership, impact, sustainability, peace and love. We aim to create long-lasting solutions that have the greatest, most positive impact on the community possible. And, everything we do, we do with love, as if we were creating solutions for our very own loved ones. And, we ask that you do the same.


Every Single Child Matters

Our name is Schools for Girls. However, we believe in empowering the entire community. At Schools for Girls, we don't believe in turning children away whenever possible, which is why our schools and services are open to boys too. Through this approach, the entire community, both boys and girls, men and women are supported and empowered.