Overcoming Barriers to
Girls' Quality Education

Gender inequality affects us all. Achieving gender equality must involve all of us.
— Global Education Monitoring Report 2016

Barriers to girls' education include: child marriage, a lack of gender equality, poverty, the inability to cover school fees, not getting the chance to go to school because boys' education is prioritized over their own, poor sanitation, violence, prostitution, and bearing the duty to care for family members.


Building a Well
Solving the 2-Hour Water Wait Time

Within every community we work, there are various barriers to overcome in order to provide children with a quality educational experience. In Namasale, one of the most critical barriers to overcome is access to clean water.

The nearest supply of water is a 15 minute bike ride from Global Leaders Primary School and the future site of Global Leaders Senior Secondary School. This means that every time water is needed to cook nutritious meals, for students and school staff to wash their hands or need to bathe, they must travel to fetch water. 

In our efforts to build a healthy, long-lasting school environment for the community, we are working to build a well on site that is accessible to all students and staff at both school locations.

Community Empowerment
Uplifting Every Human Being

To break the cycle of generational poverty, our team works with members of the local community to empower men and women in the area. We believe communities are strengthened when both genders see the value in each other. By empowering adults and elders on the ground, we are setting an example for the youth in the community and are transforming their future.