Your Company Makes a Difference for

Employee Fundraisers

What's better than loving where you work and having the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Rally your coworkers in support of the Schools for Girls movement. Together, we can sponsor girls' education, build schools, provide inspiring experiences, and overcome the barriers to education equality. Contact us if you're starting a fundraiser as we'd love to support you on this life-changing journey! 


As a business in your community, you are already making an impact. Your organization is providing jobs, sustaining families, and serving others. With Schools for Girls, you have the opportunity to amplify your impact. If you already have a giving back initiative or are interested in starting one, we would love to partner with you to provide access to education for girls. 


As a growing organization, we truly appreciate the expertise and resources businesses provide. We are always looking for new ideas, tactics and products to enhance our impact. If you are interested in donating time, services, stock, or physical goods, please contact us as we embrace partnership at every turn to truly make the world a better place.