Inspire a Career
Help Girls Accomplish their Dreams

Providing girls with an education is about giving girls access to an entirely different future. The women and girls our team has encountered
are smart, beautiful and kind. 

To every girl out there, from our hearts to yours, we want you to be everything you want to be, achieve anything you set your mind to, and dream so big that you can transform the impossible into the possible.

Our stand for you is for a kinder world, a more humane global community, and one that welcomes female leaders. Our team members were greatly impacted by opportunities where we job shadowed successful business leaders and employees, attended field trips, and saw women in power at a young age.

Flavia Inspires All of Us
She's Making a Positive Impact in the World


 Hello, I'm Flavia! I love speaking and practicing my english at school.

Hello, I'm Flavia! I love speaking and practicing my english at school.

People took land from my family. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up so I can defend people.
— Flavia, P5 Grade Level

Girls like Flavia, are why we provide scholarships to girls in some of the most remote communities in the world. We support current educational goals and create safe learning environments outside of the classroom where critical thinking and personal growth can take place. 

Join us in inspiring girls to conquer the unknown, approach adversity with a problem-solving mindset, give back to their communities,
and become top professionals.